Transition Lands is an art project led by artist Antonis Maros. The scope of this initiative is to bring together art practitioners, scholars and individuals connected to the Euro-American prison system in order to shape a conversation around confinement, land and identity.

      At the centre of this project is the idea of producing performances, installations and land art works in historic sites that were once used as confinement places. Through these modes of practice, we explore behavioural responses to former detention environments and isolated communities. 

       The project was launched in December 2019 at the Tsitsanis Museum in Trikala Greece, an infamous state prison repurposed as a public museum and research centre in 2016. Supported by the Municipality of Trikala and the Department of Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the exhibition was held in the premises of the museum including the archaeological sites and the old prison administration building.

       Next destination of the project will be Ai Stratis, a remote border Greek island which used to be an exile place for thousands of Greece's political dissidents.



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