"Two Worlds. Ai Stratis: at the edge of earth" is a second in a series of exhibitions by Transition Lands, a practice-based research project led by artist Antonis Maros. 


Two Worlds explored the relationship between the natural habitat and the historical memory of Ai Stratis, the most isolated island of the Aegean Sea that used to be an exile place for thousands of Greece’s political dissidents. The exhibition took place at the Museum of Democracy and the community of Ai Stratis Island which is included in Natura 2000, a network of protected areas covering Europe's most valuable species and habitats. 


The event opened on Friday the 13th of August 2021 with a live performance and the screening of the film ‘Stratis” at the Museum of Democracy, the first Greek public museum dealing with a period of recent Greek history of crucial political and social importance. After the film screening, mayor Maria Kakali, initiated a discussion on the role of contemporary art in providing opportunities to reflect on society and the cultural heritage of Ai Stratis Island. 


The exhibition continued with a series of durational site specific performances in the community of the island and creative workshops at the city hall. 


The exhibition was funded by the Council of Ai Stratis Island. 

Artist- Film Director: Antonis Maros

Curator: Marion Emmanuela Maniou

Cinematographer: Maria Tsioli

Sound Designer: Dimitris Dimas

Creative partner: Alexia Efstathopoulou

Transportation Sponsorship: Seajets